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Best Places to Visit in Accra

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum / Memorial Park

Did anyone like me initially think a Mausoleum is some kind of museum? It’s actually more of a tombstone. This one is a memorial for Ghana’s first president and freedom fighter. It was at this location (which was once a British polo ground accessible only to white folks) he declared Ghana an independent nation. The gallery inside which you should check out too provides lots of information about his early life, education, fight for freedom and presidential achievements. There are also lots of relics from his life. I found it very enlightening and inspiring. His wife Fathia, who was Egyptian is also buried beside him.

Labadi Beach

If you’re a beach buddy, the Labadi Beach is a good one to check out. It’s also called La Pleasure Beach, and is one of the busiest beaches in Accra. Likely to find some street food and drinks too.

Independence Square or Black Arts Square

This is pretty much a public square flanked by the Accra stadium and the Kwame Nkrumah Park. But there are a couple of monuments that make for a good photo op. Thanks to our local guide, we were able to climb to the top of the Black Star Gate. Co-incidentally, we visited on the 1st of July 2018 – exactly 57 years after the structure was commissioned

W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture

W. E. B. Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan-African Culture is a memorial place, a research facility and tourist attraction in the Cantonments area of Accra, Ghana, that was opened to the public in 1985. It is named in dedication to the African-American. Pan-Africanist W. E. B. Du Bois, who became a citizen of Ghana, spending the latter part of his life there at the invitation of President Kwame Nkrumah while compiling the Encyclopedia Africana.

National Theatre of Ghana

The National Theatre, opened in 1992 and located in the Victoriaborg district of Accra, Ghana, was built by the Chinese and offered as a gift to Ghana. The theatre is governed by the National Theatre Law 1991, PNDC Law 259. It has a building area of 11,896 square metres (128,050 square feet) and is sited near the junction of the Independence Avenue and Liberia Road. The building has a complicated construction moulding and novel exterior features. When looked at from a distance, the whole structure looks like a gigantic ship or a seagull spreading its wings. The building houses the three resident companies of the National Dance Company, the National Symphony Orchestra, and the National Theatre Players.

Jamestown Lighthouse

The Jamestown lighthouse is located in the Jamestown neighbourhood of Accra, Ghana. The 28-metre (92 ft) structure was originally built in the 1930s, replacing an earlier lighthouse that had been built in 1871. It consists of a stone tower with lantern and gallery, attached to a keeper's house. Both lighthouse and keeper's house are painted with red and white horizontal bands.

Centre for Arts and Crafts

This is a great place to stop particularly if you’re looking to buy a few handcrafted items such as paintings and carvings or textiles Perhaps because we went on a Sunday, it did seem a bit empty. Major tip: Bargain! Just when we thought we had bargained like crazy (and almost felt a tad bit bad), we stepped out to another shop and found the exact items cheaper.

Fort Christainsborg (Osu Castle)

Commonly referred to as the Osu Castle, but is actually named the Fort Christainsborg. It was built by the Danes in the 1600s, and has been occupied by several people after that including the British, and has been extended and rebuilt several times. Due to its location right by the shores, it was used for trading of gold, ivory and slaves. There were dungeons in the basement where the slaves were kept and also an underground tunnel of no return. In more recent times, It has been used by the Ghanaian government as the seat of government. Our tour guide provided lots of information about the castle and the various rooms. The castle also has a huge garden which was initially a plantation.


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